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About Us


Carol Hale, Publisher and Author

Carol has a passion for creating curriculum for children. For five years, she was the editor of the education section for The Denver Post. She has written and published many books for teachers including Phonics Without Worksheets and mountains of curriculum for educators and Sunday School teachers. Carol is also the creator of Easy Read English ( and a tutor for dyslexic students and trainer for dyslexia remediation.


Steve March, Production and Sales Manager

Steve is responsible for the production and promotion aspects of the our programs. He brings more than 30 years of sales, marketing, and business operations experience to our organization. Steve works in sales in Colorado and is a behind-the-scenes production manager of our materials.


Lisa Parker, Illustrator, Graphic, and Web Designer

Lisa has been drawing and painting since before she can remember. It is her favorite way of expressing herself. It was not until high school that she really started getting into graphic design. She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and now works as a graphic designer for Hexagon PPM and as a freelance graphic designer. 


Ivan Mader, Illustrator

Ivan has loved to draw since he was a toddler. His illustrations appear in books in Asia, North America, and Central America. His passion for the human body led him into the medical field. Ivan received his bachelor’s of nursing from the University of North Alabama and is a nurse. Living in Hungary in Eastern Europe now, he is also a freelance illustrator.


Melisa Selin Loew, Social Media Coordinator

Melisa gets our messages out to the world through platforms that we will be creating, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Melisa speaks three languages. She has her Russian translation degree from a university in Istanbul, where she also taught English at a preschool. She coordinates the translations for Easy Read English and is now a private tutor helping to remediate dyslexia.

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